For almost 400 years, Newmarket has earned its status as the most famous training centre for racehorses in the world.


Prestige Place is a state of the art training facility including modern, light stabling with excellent space and ventilation, a high-speed Australian treadmill, premier equine spa and a modern veterinary box. The yard also features a covered ride and two horse-walkers, as well as starting stalls and two large paddocks.


We are on the doorstep of the Jockey Club gallops which boast an incredible range of facilities covering around 2,500 acres across the Newmarket heath and they include 64 miles of turf, artificial gallops & canters, which receive first-class attention from the team at Jockey Club Estates. The vast array of different gallops enables us to offer select training sessions to suit the need of each individual horse all year round.


The other advantage of training at the headquarters of horse racing is the excellent veterinary care we can rely on around the clock from the renowned Rossdales practice, with our dedicated vet being Peter Ramzan.

“Marco has produced a winning combination for owners and horses alike, from the first-class facilities at Prestige Place, to the first-class team caring for the horses.”


Adam J. Driver, BVSc, Cert VR, MRCVS
Managing Director, Global Equine Group Ltd.








Prestige Place has space for around 100 horses and boasts three types of stabling tailored to suit the needs of each individual horse. The stable options include two large American Barns, Courtyard stabling and the patio boxes allowing the horses to move in and out of their stables freely.


Covered Ride

The covered ride is used as a warm-up exercise before and after work on the Heath as well providing a space to exercise any horses on a reduced-training programme. The all-weather surface gives Marco the opportunity to see assess each horse’s soundness and give the riders their instructions before sending them out on the Heath.



We have two state of the art treadmills similar to human treadmill, the horse moves forward on a cushioned moving belt at a controlled speed.  Treadmill work takes out variables like weather, rider error, footing issues, or inconsistent pace. It is a useful bit of equipment for horses coming back from injury. The treadmills are designed to operate at speeds of up to 42km/h and 6 degrees of incline.

Horse Walker

We have two horse walkers which are used to assist in the exercise of the horses. They are especially used for horses that are going through periods of rehabilitation, need to be walked before they are ridden or used as a warm up/cool down after the treadmill.

Cold Saltwater Spa

The spa uses cold salt hydrotherapy to treat and prevent a multitude of injuries in 35°F / 2°C saltwater. This therapy can be used for injury prevention and also to increase mobility and reduce swelling in the limbs before and after races and training.

Owners Suite

The Owners’ Suite at Prestige Place is an area for our owners to relax in when visiting the yard with unlimited refreshments and restroom facilities. The glass fronted suite overlooks the main yard and provides a beautiful view of the stable yard. Owners at Prestige Place are encouraged to visit their horses regularly.